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Lawn Care Service Belgravia are amazing and don't cost a lot at all. The guys took care of my garden design and now I love sitting out in my garden enjoying how brilliant it looks. Sonia Morgan Very good landscapers who know what they're doing. I'd recommend Lawn Care Service Belgravia any day.

  • L. Benjamin

This is the best garden landscaper. If you need any type of lawn care, call Belgravia Gardeners, you'll not be disappointed.

  • Jake Roberts

Top job done last week on lawn care for us, great service!

  • Tim

The garden design team created a beautiful design. Gardening Services Belgravia then went about turning it into reality. The end result left me speechless.

  • G. Mora

The gardeners that showed up from GardenersBelgravia were utter gents! They were polite and courteous, and it was evident that they were true professionals. I hired them to do a number of jobs, rectify some issues, do a few maintenance tasks. They completed everything to a high standard in a timely manner, leaving me thrilled with the outcome. My wife is still raving about the results, and I haven't been able to keep my eyes off my beautiful garden either.

  • S. Jones

I'm so glad I got help with my garden design from Landscape Gardeners Belgravia. I can't imagine what would've transpired if I'd gone with another company. I certainly wouldn't be enjoying the garden I have today.

  • J. Owen

I honestly don't know why I waited so long to hire a gardening company. If I'd know how good Lawn Care Service Belgravia would be, and how affordable their rates are, I'd have booked them in years ago. Solid level of work, everything is always clean and tidy after they're finished, and they do an excellent job taking care of my plants.

  • Lyndon Buckeride

Gardening Services Belgravia is one of the most professional garden companies I have ever had the pleasure of using. So you should certainly consider using them now or in the future if you are hoping to find decent quality gardening services. They offer all the services under the sun, from weeding to lawn mowing to landscaping and tree surgery. You will find everything you need. I have hired them several times and can vouch for them.

  • June Harper

GardenersBelgravia are my favourite gardening firm as they always provide me with an expert patio cleaning service. Every time they have done the job for me I have been left with a spotless patio. They work fast and unobtrusively, so I can return to a clean patio.

  • Dean Trotter

I urgently recommend Lawn Care Service Belgravia. They offer outstanding services, make each and every task easy and understandable for you and can come out at any time that suits the needs of their clients. I would be equally as happy if I had paid twice what I had paid!

  • Shelia Holmes

Gardening Services Belgravia are first class in every sense of the word. They did everything I needed done and more. The most significant and notable aspect of my experience with them was the fact that they went the extra mile to ensure I was completely satisfied with the service and the job they completed. They trimmed the plants and the bushes on the side and this was not included in the original price quote. It was a fantastic surprise when I saw what they had achieved in the space of one afternoon. Terrific stuff!

  • Jamie Byers

GardenersBelgravia are hands down the top patio cleaning team I've had the pleasure of working with. I had tried several companies but they stood out as the best. I called them up and they were here the next day. They did everything necessary to clean the patio, making sure all specks of dust were gone and everything shined. They neatened things up and got everything looking its best. I am very impressed with this team and will encourage everyone to contact them when their patio needs cleaning.

  • Scott Stills

I received exceptionally high standard planting service from Lawn Care Service Belgravia. Right from the initial planning stage till the end of the project, they were considerate to our needs and suggestions. I like the fact that the team gave me a timescale for the completion of the work. They were friendly and efficient, best workmanship I have seen in a while. My garden is now flourishing with vibrant flowers of different hues. I am delighted with the results and will highly recommend this company.

  • Anne Santini

I definitely give Gardening Services Belgravia a five star rating. I hired their services a couple of weeks ago for my lawn and patio and I was really pleased at the results. Their gardeners made my lawn look very neat and tidy, and they got rid of all the dirt and grime from my patio. I can't wait for the summer!

  • Roxie

I find gardening too much of a challenge but I really don't like it when it gets overgrown. I use the great value garden maintenance services of Belgravia Gardeners. They have an excellent weed control service that prevents you getting overrun and also grass cutting, lawn restoration and repair and garden waste removal. Their services all have one thing in common - they are very affordable!

  • Sarah M.

My lawn desperately needed a makeover and so I approached Gardening Services Belgravia. They submitted a quotation for price and time as well as changes. Their quotation covered every minute detail and even incorporated my suggestions. I highly recommend their lawn restoration and repair services for their excellent workmanship.

  • John Bailey

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